On-demand webinar: A best practice for Project Management in Microsoft 365

Welcome to a webinar aiming to support you in driving project productivity and efficiency.

In most organizations, working in projects and virtual teams is becoming increasingly more common. But as you know, running a wide palette of projects can be a real challenge both for employees and the organization.

In this 40-minute webinar, we will share hands-on examples and our best recommendations on how to provide a future-proof working environment, seamlessly integrated with your intranet, that will help you drive project productivity.

What you will learn

From the agenda:

  • How to work with project models.

  • Driving productivity in projects.

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.

  • Project Portfolio and project information.

  • Implementing project governance.

  • Summary of our best practice for project management.


Target audience

This event is primarily aimed at roles like CPO, Project Office personnel, CIO, CCO, CDO, Digital Workplace or Intranet Managers or similar roles within organizations planning to improve their digital workplace based on Microsoft technology.

General information

This webinar is free of charge and is held in English. You can participate using a web browser or a mobile app. Our presenter in this webinar is Anders Fagerlund, Product Offering Lead for Omnia.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations from private email addresses (gmail, outlook, yahoo etc.).